Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Philip Clayton on his own book: Transforming Christian Theology

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  1. John, I have tried to find a way to e-mail you, following your post on my blog on Monday, but can't seem to find a way. I may be missing it, but I cannot find anything on this website that indicates who you are or where you can be located, and I do want to respond to what you said. Please know that I hear you and agree with you. I think if you read my book on the book of JOB -- SITTING STRONG: WRESTLING WITH THE ORNERY GOD, especially in the chapter about God's not being our "Sugar Daddy" -- and if you read my other work, especially my books on Jesus, you will get a fuller view of my work than on that one post. In fact, I all but rail against the very thing you mentioned when I teach and speak. I abhor the idea that God exists to give us all of the ego-gratifying things of "your best life." Thanks for writing. I appreciate what you had to say. Grace to you - Jeanie