Friday, March 19, 2010


"Would it really be just a dream at the point of transition from modernity to postmodernity to envisage the overcoming of conflicts between science and religion  ---  which often have ideological coloring  ---  by a new sharing, even though there are so many different perspectives on the evolution of the cosmos and human beings?"  Hans Kung in his introduction to "The Beginning of All Things:  Science and Religion"

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  1. Please find a unique understanding of both modernism and postmodernism via the set of essays available at this reference:

    Plus a remarkable essay re Reality and the Middle which points out that ALL of our philosophies and so called theology, are ways of encircling and controlling the Divine Reality, and thus eliminating The Divine from the world.

    Plus the Truth About Scientism

    The scientist (who is also a Christian) prayer:

    Please "God" send us more information so that we can really prove that you exist (using the same doubt-filled mind that asks the question: "does god exist"?)