Monday, December 31, 2012


One:                      God!  Bang? Or Bang! God?  Being Itself.  Heat, expansion, and the arrow of time starts to fly, forward it flies.  God before time, after time, God has time. God in time and more than time.

Two:                      God.  In the falling apart and the pulling together,
is there no big crunch?  God, the structure.  God in and God is and God of non-uniform density hangs the stars, the galaxies, and all the great forms of the universe.  Mystery pervades.

A grounding of all.

Hydrogen, helium, neutrinos, and photons swirl.
Protostars, black-body radiation, fusion begins, matter emerges, creativity stirs, stars are born.  Supergiants. Giants.  Dwarfs. Sub-dwarfs.  Yellow, red, hot white, black.

Elements, discrete associations, chemistry appears.  God’s cauldronic brew of quantum mechanics, electricity, and magnetism.  Everything is changing in ancient, deep time.  Do not lose patience, billions of years to go, God has time

A principle of exclusion, serendipitously, new things emerge. Great complexity. Infomatic matter, emergent of an immanent God.

Three:                   Planetismals circle the protostars, wanderers formed from disks of stardust, waiting to stagger across a great cathedral vault. Solar systems. Suns. A sun.  Emergent suprises.

Earth, our world, it melts.  Uranium and thorium and potassium are captured, boiling the core, heat flows, plates shift, continents drift.  Frozen accidents or frozen minds?

The geosphere, rocks…water….air….life.  Rocks harden, move, explode

Rocks, water, air, life!  Changing, moving complexity.  Small, hot planets with no air….escaped.  Large, cold planets with no air…compressed to liquid or solid.  Amazing earth with ice, liquid, and vapor all held in a narrow range.  Life, a reality of earth itself.

Four:                     Metabolism with unity and diversity.  Among all the chemical possibilities, why life?  Cells, multicellularity, animals, neurons and neural nets.  Noetic features deep in matter.  Behavior with purpose.  More mystery:  knowing, vocation, God.  Symmetry, cephalization.  Fish, bugs, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals, hominids.  A long evolutionary process.  All with a place, a purposeful niche in which to compete.

Five:                      Primates, Apes.  Genes proceed but now learning and information and community emerge.  Biological fitness moves toward social fitness.  The bodies slow down and the mind speeds up.  Consciousness warms, grows hot, the bright flame of thought appears.

Homo sapiens survive.  Humankind.

Six:                         Transcendence’s appearance.  God spoke, but no one heard.  God speaks, humans hear.   Beginnings struggle to be understood by those who came from the beginnings.  Many knows the details, no one knows the mind of God.   Creativity races forward on a wave of words.  Good and evil, past and present, shall and shall not.  A place to choose, to fall back or to step forward, to not quite reach our humanity or to reach beyond all that we have been.

Seven:                  God rests in the temple universe.  We stand in awe of the starry vault of the heavens as we fall on our knees on the lands of our earthly home.

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