Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Ecumenical Christian Theology?

In 1988, Hans Kung's book "Theology for the Third Millennium" was published in English by Doubleday.  He argued for a theology that served the entirety of Christianity while remaining  intent on the Scripture and the Gospel.  He called for a theology the respected tradition, theologians should be responsible in the face of history without ignoring contemporary issues.  He wanted a theology that was Christocentric, distinctively Christian while addressing the whole globe.  Finally, he wanted a theology that was occupied with teaching and truth while remaining practical, that did not ignore life, renewal and reform.

He contends that we are in a shift of paradigms from the most current modern enlightenment paradigm to what he calls an ecumenical paradigm.  Such a shift takes quite a while.  Many of us were born during the shift and the shift will continue well after we are dead.  Will Christianity survive?  What do you think?

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