Saturday, May 12, 2012

• Many different views related to sex can be found in the group of writings that we call the Bible. From a Christian standpoint, many of them would be judged to be wrong. Examples:

1. Executing those who engage in sexual intercourse during the seven days of the menstrual period.

2. Stoning for both the man and woman for adultery.

3. Toleration of polygamy.

4. Levirate marriage.

5. Endogamy.

6. Cutting off a woman's hand for touching a man's private parts.

7. Social regulations surrounding adultery, incest, rape, and prostitution considered mainly from the perspective of male property rights over women.

8. A bride found not to be a virgin should be stoned to death.

Some Christians, exercising their religious liberty and the right of personal conscience along with a Christocentric interpretation of their Christian faith, now assert that passages in the Bible related to homosexuality have either been misinterpreted or are simply wrong. These Christian may be wrong, but those that follow a more traditional view may also be wrong just as some Christians in the past were wrong about their interpretation of the Bible regarding slavery.

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